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A helping hand with home maintenance



Regardless of the level of luxury, the eventual price tag or location of a home, there is one commonality all homeowners face – that of maintenance.

Whether it’s remembering to wash the windows, cleaning a mark off the wall or giving an integrated technology system a service or check-up, there is always something that needs attending to.

While getting somebody else to do the job is easier and, in some cases advisable, especially if dealing with something technical, it can sometimes be a challenge knowing who the best person to call would be.

This is one of the reasons behind the creation of Property Concierge Co. by Brian Burke Homes. The new company is designed to take the pressure off homeowners and offers three main services, an ongoing maintenance package, a once-off maintenance request and a buying, selling or leasing service.

“Property Concierge Co. was born from a common request from our past clients who were looking for trades to help with their home maintenance,” Brian Burke Homes Managing Director Michael Burke said.

“Maintenance is an inevitable part of owning a home, and our clients wanted to make sure the trades working on their homes were up to the Brian Burke Homes standard.”

Mr Burke was keen to point out the company was able to service the entire luxury homes market.

“We believe people who are lucky enough to build or buy their dream home understand the importance of maintaining it so they can enjoy it hassle-free for years to come,” he said.

For Mr Burke, there were two key benefits to homeowners in using the new service. First was the fact clients were confident of getting top-quality trades with the skill and workmanship to complete jobs on highend homes.

The second benefit, according to Mr Burke, was the sheer convenience of the service.

Spend your time doing the things you love and leave the project management of your home maintenance up to us.

“We take care of all coordination; we coordinate trades for pricing and present one simple consolidated quote, we arrange site visits and access to suit your schedule and we have a supervisor who oversees the work onsite to make sure everything runs smoothly.”