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A chance for a maintenance reset



It is no secret some of us are guilty of neglecting home maintenance, which has an uncanny tendency to be overlooked. However, with many Australians remaining indoors, one builder suggested now was the perfect opportunity to take care of our homes.

According to Brian Burke Homes Group Managing Director Michael Burke, a bit of tender loving care now can save a future headache.


Maintenance costs people time, but if you don’t do maintenance then you’re looking at repairs, which cost money – and it can end up being very expensive.


“One analogy we often use is, you have a sticker on your car and when it needs to be serviced, you go and do it. Your house is worth many times more than your car.

“As one of your life’s most valuable assets, it needs the attention.”

Mr Burke had a range of valuable tips for homebody homeowners such as cleaning out your gutters and checking for signs of rust or erosion, ensuring your reticulation is in good working order and clearing any blockages, checking for cracked roof tiles, oiling timber decking, and keeping all door handles and hinges squeak-free.

Mr Burke said those living near the coast needed to be particularly careful, as salt and water were two of the biggest home-killers.

“Wipe down and lubricate sliding door tracks with a multi-purpose lubricant, and wipe down any corrosion on external metalwork to stop it from getting worse. This will often look like a white residue on the metal,” he said, stressing the importance of cleaning beachside homes with fresh water a few times a year.

Residents should also be mindful of signs of water damage throughout their property such as dark spots in eaves or bubbling and swollen skirting boards. Cracks in external paintwork and timber need similar attention, ideally before the winter rains arrive.

Mr Burke said realistically this kind of upkeep should not take much more than a weekend every three months or so, but it was easy to let it fall by the wayside especially if you did not know what you were looking for.


You cannot fix the problem until you know the problem.


Inevitably, there are jobs which will require the services of a professional.

The Property Concierge Co by Brian Burke Homes was created with this mind, specialising in home maintenance packages.

Services include preparing a home for sale or one recently purchased, buying, selling or leasing and ongoing maintenance packages.

“We are still open for business and can come out to assist homeowners with all their maintenance needs,” Mr Burke said.